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Engage in strategic sourcing that saves you money, time, and frustration while bringing you closer to your business goals.

Technology Procurement Group’s knowledgeable IT procurement services provider and consulting network specialists simplify the process and enable you to use their industry expertise to benefit your organization to the fullest.

Follow information technology procurement best practices, avoid common risks, and enjoy a new level of efficiency and transparency with TPG.

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Simplify your it procurement process with integrated procurement technologies
Simplify your IT procurement process

Simplify your IT procurement process with Our IT Procurement services

Information technology, or IT, is essential to every organization, as it encompasses everything that businesses use computers for, from building networks and troubleshooting issues to safeguarding and processing electronic data to data center procurement. Since IT is so vital to today’s modern businesses, it’s critical to have an effective and streamlined IT procurement process in place–and that’s where the Technology Procurement Group can help you. 

With our IT procurement services specialists assisting you every step of the way, you’ll find that the process takes less time and effort, giving your employees additional opportunities to focus on other income-producing tasks. Our expert team provides full IT procurement services including telecom procurement strategy services, RFP management, wireless and telecom expenses management, and reduction services.

IT procurement best practices

Follow IT procurement best practices with TPG’s IT procurement services

It’s easy to lose sight of certain best procurement practices when you’re most focused on obtaining the technology your company requires. TPG’s IT procurement services can help you stick to these best practices so that you not only receive the IT products and services you need but also keep your organization moving toward its goals. At the same time, you’ll be maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships and protecting your company from various risks.

Simplify your IT procurement process
Business Growth

When procuring IT assets, your process must focus on achieving your business goals. TPG can help by making sure there aren’t any business inefficiencies resulting from technology training and integration issues.

Forming a vendor partnership, rather than simply a transactional relationship, is mutually beneficial for your organization and your vendor. A close partnership can lead to discounts, warranties, and other advantages, and TPG has the industry know-how to help you forge better connections with IT suppliers. TPG can also assist in establishing favorable SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

IT procurement is a process that involves all the company’s stakeholders, such as top management and employees. TPG makes sure all relevant stakeholders are involved so that your procurement team can better understand your organization’s budget, needs, and how the acquisition of new IT will impact operations.

Identifying and reducing risks before beginning IT hardware procurement is the best way to go in order to guarantee success. TPG can help your procurement team conduct a risk analysis and determine the probability of losses. Other risk-reducing tasks that TPG can assist with are roadmapping and planning for the future, as well as implementing effective plans to minimize the impact of all possible risks.

Finally, it’s essential to keep long-term needs in mind, rather than only focusing on the short-term. TPG can ensure that your organization acts strategically and in a way that will benefit the business for years to come.

Avoid common risks and get the best deal possible

Some frequent risks that companies encounter when moving through the process of IT procurement are incorrectly defining their needs, misinterpreting new technology’s user requirements, problems with funding, implementation issues, and unrealistic time frames.

It’s quite a challenge to keep all of these risks top of mind in-house, which is why TPG’s procurement specialists will be on the lookout for these potential roadblocks. By avoiding problems in the first place and mitigating risks throughout the process, Technology Procurement Group continues to ensure your organization receives the best possible deal on your IT procurement projects.

Avoid common risks
Save money and time

Save money and time with increased efficiency and transparency

Efficiency and transparency are two words you don’t often hear when referring to businesses’ procurement processes. Unfortunately, the procurement process is often complex, confusing, and even frustrating. TPG streamlines the process for maximum efficiency and clarifies each step of IT procurement.

The result of this increased transparency and efficiency is that your business gets reduced IT costs. Thanks to strategic sourcing. It also means your company gains the ability to manage more resources as needed; for many businesses, certain times of the year require extra resources, and TPG’s simplified procurement process can help you obtain and manage them. An effective procurement process results in the capability to cope with unexpected events as well, which is truly valuable for all organizations.

IT procurement processes

Strategically move toward your short-term and long-term business objectives

IT procurement isn’t just about getting the information technology products and services your business needs. It’s also about making decisions that keep your organization moving closer to its current and future objectives. Strategic sourcing means keeping your organization’s roadmap front of mind and aiming for procurement results that keep it on track. That’s what Technology Procurement Group can bring to your company, in addition to saving you time, money, and frustration.

How would your business benefit from an IT consulting network, a stronger IT procurement process that ensures improved vendor partnerships, lower costs, greater efficiency, and more steps taken toward current and future goals?

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