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Negotiate your ideal telecom contract and form a mutually beneficial partnership with your vendor.

Technology Procurement Group’s cloud services, data network contract,  telecom contract negotiation services help you avoid common contract mistakes and vendor ploys. We also ensure agreeable terms that keep your business moving steadily toward its short-term and long-term goals.

Are you looking for telecom contract negotiations companies? Well, look no further. Telecom contract negotiations don’t have to be a headache. TPG will bring clarity, certainty, and decades of expertise to the process, resulting in enhanced leverage, great rates, and beneficial terms that support your organization’s growth.

Focus on your needs and goals while laying the foundation for a successful partnership
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Focus on your needs and goals while laying the foundation for a successful partnership

During contract negotiation, you and your chosen vendor work out all of the contract terms before signing an official agreement. The goal of negotiation is for everyone to become familiar and comfortable with all the contract details while establishing uniform goals.

Ideally, your organization and your vendor will develop a partnership that allows you to address your needs, reach your goals, and fulfill your contract obligations. In the best-case scenario, contract negotiation is beneficial to both parties and in all areas. A well-negotiated contract lays the groundwork for a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Unfortunately, that’s not always how telecom contract negotiation goes. Telecom contracts are notorious for being complicated, filled with hidden costs and fine print, and favoring the carrier in most, if not all, situations. However, an experienced telecom contract negotiation firm, such as TPG, can make sure contract negotiation goes smoothly and benefits both parties to the fullest.

Take advantage of TPG’s telecom contract negotiation expertise

It goes without saying that telecom contract negotiation is complex and often frustrating. Sometimes, it even feels like you and your vendor are working toward completely different goals with contrasting priorities.

In this kind of scenario, decades of knowledge regarding the telecom industry and the ins and outs of telecom contracts are extremely valuable, and that’s what Technology Procurement Group can provide for you. Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise you need, but we also have access to in-depth benchmarking data and the ability to maintain leverage and negotiating power.

Regardless of whether you’re negotiating a new telecom contract or engaging in mid-term negotiations, TPG can put our skills to use and help your organization benefit from immediate savings and improved terms. We treat each of our customers’ contract negotiations as if they were our own!

advantage of TPG’s telecom contract negotiation expertise
Evade vendor negotiation ploys

Evade vendor negotiation ploys

The truth is that vendors are typically much more experienced in negotiating telecom contracts than the companies with whom they’re negotiating. This means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their own strategies and learn how best to utilize various ploys that ensure the contract fully benefits them, often to the detriment of your organization.

Luckily, Technology Procurement Group has also had plenty of experience with telecom contracts and knows telecom contract negotiation tactics, and our specialists are familiar with the often-misleading methods vendors often use during contract negotiations. We’ll make sure your enterprise doesn’t fall prey to these tactics and instead negotiate to include contract terms that are beneficial for both parties.

Common vendor negotiation ploy
Avoid frequent contract mistakes and pitfalls

Avoid frequent contract mistakes and pitfalls

Some common contract pitfalls are failing to incorporate price protection and including misleading price terminology. The lack of comprehensive contract terms or not conducting an in-depth review of the contract can also spell trouble for your organization.

TPG can ensure your company doesn’t make these mistakes and instead secures a contract with fair, beneficial terms. We use an organized, methodical approach that employs data and work collaboratively with your procurement team to ensure a beneficial outcome–for both you and your vendor. By utilizing our insights into the supplier community, current price points, common contract terms, and supply trends, we make sure you end up with a contract that’s best in class.

Negotiating a telecom contract yourself without industry expertise lends itself to unintended mistakes, but working with our specialists, who know telecom contracts inside and out, results in endless benefits for your company.

Alleviate common negotiation challenges

Although prices for telecom services have dropped quite a bit in recent years, scoring a contract with great pricing can still be difficult. Familiarity with the art of negotiation is critical if you want to score a contract with favorable terms for your organization. Luckily, TPG has the expertise and experience to earn you a valuable deal.

Another challenge in contract negotiation is conflicts between your company and the vendor. These can lead to expensive legal costs and unnecessary stress. This is another area where TPG’s telecom contract negotiation services can come in handy by helping your business avoid these types of conflicts.

Focusing on both short-term and long-term goals is yet another common challenge when going through telecom contract negotiation. The best negotiation takes both types of goals into account. TPG can help you keep your business objectives top of mind so you can stick with your roadmap and move steadily toward your plans and goals for the future.

A lack of leverage is perhaps the worst risk to your company during contract negotiations, and maintaining leverage is another frequent challenge for companies during telecom contract negotiation. It’s imperative to maintain a strong sense of power and leverage throughout negotiations so that potential vendors can’t get by with inserting harmful or detrimental clauses into your telecom contract. Thanks to decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding telecom contracts, TPG knows exactly how to maintain your company’s leverage throughout negotiations.

And not only is it necessary to maintain leverage, but effective contract negotiation also includes in-depth knowledge of trends and current events in the telecom industry. TPG will help you stay up-to-date and ensure that your contract covers any potential events that may occur due to the rapidly changing telecom landscape.

negotiation of Terms and Conditions
Common vendor negotiation ploy

Achieve favorable terms and best-in-class contracts

What can TPG negotiate for you? First, we can ensure your term length isn’t too long. Telecom contracts over 36 months are generally unfavorable for your organization, so we focus on keeping the term at three years or shorter.

TPG can negotiate rates and ensure you’re not paying too much for telecom. This also means making sure you’re not susceptible to price increases as the contract term goes on. Lowering or eliminating MARCs is another part of TPG’s negotiation services.

SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, are a critical part of telecom contracts because they lay out exactly what constitutes a sufficient service level from the provider. They also define remedies in the case that services do not meet the specified service level. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for telecom vendors to include adverse terms in this part of the contract. TPG will make sure that’s not the case for your company and instead guarantee your SLAs provide protection for your organization.

negotiation of Terms and Conditions

A full review and negotiation of Terms and Conditions is also crucial for a best-in-class telecom contract, and TPG can look through all the vendor’s proposed terms and renegotiate any that could be harmful to your business.

Flexible terms are also vital. Within the average of three years that your telecom contract spans, technology and your business can both change quite a bit. We’ll negotiate for flexible terms in your telecom contract so that you’re able to make modifications without penalties and other issues arising.

TPG will also make sure your telecom contract includes clear sections on confidentiality, rights of access, insurance, and material losses.

If you’re already in the middle of your current contract, we can renegotiate any unfavorable terms, therefore limiting your company’s risks and exposure going forward.

In general, our goal for our customers’ contract negotiations is quite clear: TPG aims to get you the most favorable terms in order to protect your business and get the most out of your telecom services.

Move forward with structure, clarity, and certainty to reach your business goals

Effective negotiation lays the groundwork for a successful partnership between your company and your vendor, and TPG’s telecom contract negotiation services are here to help you.

We’ll provide clarity and certainty throughout negotiations so that you’re always aware of what’s happening with your telecom contract. Say goodbye to ambiguity, complexity, and confusion. Instead, embrace the achievement of your goals and a contract that fulfills your telecom needs through agreeable, best-in-class terms.

Move forward with structure
No hidden fees

Avoid hidden fees with TPG’s upfront pricing

At TPG, we pride ourselves on our upfront pricing. You’ll never have to worry about unexpected expenses and hidden fees when working with our specialists.

We’re confident you’ll find that the deals and beneficial terms we earn for you are worth much more than our hourly rate!

How would your business benefit from a fully optimized telecom contract with agreeable terms and best-in-class rates?

Since 2012, overall network service prices in the developed world have declined by 5% to 20% annually, depending on the specific service and geography, but enterprise often fail to achieve the full potential savings

Source : Gartner Research

A supplier of vendor relationship is primarily transactional- you reach out to each other as needed. A partnership, however, is more value added and moves you toward being part of strategizing and deliberating before, during, and after the transaction is needed. You build a relationship, a knowledge of each other’s working styles, and a natural cadence of communication that’s not based entirely on scheduled meeting times.

Source : GP Strategies

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