Wireless Expense Management Service

Ensure bill accuracy and maximize savings by finding the right WEM provider with TPG.

Wireless Expense Management (WEM) brings numerous financial and productivity advantages to your organization through mobile and wireless device management. TPG’s procurement specialists will help you through each step of the RFP process, alleviating stress and bringing clarity to your decision.

Are you looking for wireless expense management services? It’s difficult to know which wireless expense management provider will provide the most benefit to your organization. Technology Procurement Group brings decades of experience and industry knowledge to the table, streamlining the business IT process and providing you with the information you need regarding WEM pricing and management models.

Save Money Wireless Expense Management Service
Choose the best WEM provider for your company

Choose the best WEM provider for your company and maximize your savings

Are your wireless services overused, underused, or not used at all? A business can’t control what it doesn’t measure and track. Wireless expense management services do the measuring and tracking for you, putting your company in control. Moreover, with our wireless expense reduction services, you can also find savings that you’re unable to find yourself.

Nobody enjoys going through their monthly wireless bill statements line by line to make sure they’re getting what they’ve paid for. And many organizations simply don’t have the time and resources necessary to thoroughly analyze the details of each wireless user across the entire enterprise. As a result, they spend more than they need to on wireless expenses.

With miscalculations of your monthly mobile bill estimated to be between 10 to 20%, you could be losing anywhere from a few dollars to thousands monthly, depending on the size of your company. Source: Vox Mobile

Wireless Expense Management cost justification and estimated ROI

Wireless Expense Management cost justification and estimated ROI

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for these organizations: Invest in wireless expense management and gain access to a powerful wireless expense management portal. This wireless expense management software, or WEM services software, essentially pay for themselves and more by uncovering savings and increasing productivity. Let’s take a look at the cost justification and ROI breakdown:

Technology Procurement Group can help you find the WEM provider that checks all the necessary boxes and has the capability to earn you maximum savings on wireless services.

While it’s possible to procure WEM services yourself, the procurement process requires significant time, effort, and expertise to complete effectively. This means you’ll be spending time away from your everyday responsibilities to take on this project. You will benefit from a wireless expense manager firm to assist and provide direction to your organization.

Rather than spending even more time on wireless, let the professionals at TPG simplify the process and put their decades of industry knowledge to good use. They’ll help guide you to find the best wireless expense management software in the marketplace and will not only save you time but also money by ensuring you choose the right vendor to maximize your organization’s savings. TPG’s unbiased and innovative approach is a truly valuable asset when searching for the ideal WEM provider.

Engage in a streamlined procurement process

  • When selecting a WEM provider, there’s much to consider:
  • Cost
  • Savings guarantees
  • Operational quality
  • Service delivery
  • Reach and scalability
  • Prior experience
  • Strategic direction
  • Continued platform evolution
  • Merger and acquisition activity impact

just to name a few!

It goes without saying that the procurement process comes with a considerable amount of stress. But with the knowledge that the field of wireless service is growing rapidly and will only continue to do so, it’s more important than ever to get a handle on wireless expense management.

Wireless service demand is the fastest growing and most dynamic spend category in the IT portfolio. Source: Profit Enhancement

As your network grows and employees become more geographically dispersed, they need to use more devices and services to complete their work, and your organization has to dedicate a larger workforce to manage this widespread wireless use.

The clear solution is to invest in WEM, and the good news is, you don’t have to master the art of procuring a high-quality WEM provider on your own. Technology Procurement Group can take the stress out of procurement by assisting you every step of the way, streamlining and simplifying the process.

Not only does TPG provide expert consulting and professional services, but it also offers benchmarking to give you a better idea of the cost of WEM throughout the industry. TPG helps you develop a well-written, effective RFP that clearly lays out your company’s WEM needs. Plus, it engages in process optimization throughout procurement, and TPG can even assist with carrier and tech migration.

TPG keeps your company in control while reducing the complexity and chaos that often come with wireless expense management procurement.

What does TPG add?

Effectively manage your enterprise’s mobile and wireless devices

If you clicked on this page, you probably already know that WEM stands for wireless expense management. But you might not know everything that goes into WEM. We’ve laid out the main capabilities below, showing what TPG brings to the table as well.

Wireless expense manager net services consist of comprehensive wireless invoice auditing, contract compliance, wireless inventory management, wireless invoice processing, wireless optimization, procurement and order fulfillment, wireless carrier RFP management, and wireless policy development. Access to wireless audit tools is crucial to effectively managing all aspects of your wireless network.

You’ll want to find a WEM provider that can do all of this and more, and that’s where TPG can help you with consulting, professional services, benchmarking, RFP development, process optimization, and carrier and technology migration.

Evolve into a more efficient and successful enterprise

What can procuring WEM services through TPG do for your organization? There are numerous benefits that combine to improve your company’s overall success and efficiency.

As far as finances go, WEM can help you centralize your mobile costs, discover hidden cash flow, and forecast unexpected expenses, which can then smooth unforeseen data plan expenditures. WEM also supports international wireless users and manages the costs associated with them.

Wireless audits completed through WEM can help you quickly optimize your spend, typically resulting in 27% ongoing monthly savings.

What the right WEM provider can bring to your company

What the right WEM provider can bring to your company

With WEM, you’ll be able to streamline your wireless help desk support and optimize asset demand planning for your wireless devices. You’ll uncover issues early on, fix them promptly, and manage them properly to ensure your organization maintains full control going forward.

There are also the infinitely useful features that come with wireless expense management. Notably, you can integrate it with platforms like Service Now, Freshworks, Zendesk, and others to automate various systems like trouble management. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of a single wireless expense management software platform where you can manage your wireless device inventory while keeping a close eye on all related expenses.

You’ll also want to put together a wireless acceptable use policy as well. These protect your organization and can potentially save you money by indemnifying the company in the case that wireless users encounter losses or damages.

Another advantage is the potential reuse of wireless devices. Choosing to refurbish old devices and reusing materials is not only environmentally friendly and less energy-consuming, but it can contribute additional savings to your company.

Below, find even more benefits you’ll gain by procuring WEM services with TPG’s help.

Utilize TPG’s industry experience and knowledge to benefit your business

Choosing Technology Procurement Group ensures you’ll have the information and clarity you need to select the optimal WEM provider for your organization. TPG’s straightforward pricing and knowledgeable approach makes all the difference in the WEM procurement process.

Would optimized business processes, improved clarity and control over wireless assets and their performance, reduced costs for wireless services, and overall savings benefit your organization?

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