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Since 2006! Winning technology procurement strategies that drive cost savings and business objectives

Telecom Procurement Strategy Consulting

Decades of experience, winning strategies, coaching, and more.

RFP Management

We'll do as little or as much as works best for your team.


Information Technology Procurement

Transform how you manage your IT procurement, deliver more value.

Negotiating Telecom Contracts

Our expertise will help your team gain deep understanding, unique insights, and actionable strategies.

Wireless Expense Reduction Services

Our risk-free audit generates 27% ONGOING average monthly savings.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Instant cost controls, audit tools, reporting, inventory, trouble management integration.

Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Continual auditing, proactive rate optimization, usage tracking, data security, granular reporting, help desk.

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With decades of experience, our telecom procurement specialists will help you deliver eye-popping savings and a streamlined RFP procurement process with you AND your vendors needs in mind.

The information technology procurement process is critical as you compare and evaluate the best technology and vendor partners to meet your desired business goals. Learn how to drive innovation and profits through fast, efficient connections that consider disaster recovery and redundancy options. The right telecom procurement strategy is crucial to getting the most out of your IT spend as well as protecting your organization from multiple risks including pricing, regulatory, security, compliance, contract, and others..

Research & Insights

Get equipped for your next Telecom RFP and learn valuable tips, tricks and insights as you delve deeper into the technology procurement process.

Questions Answered!

We’ve been helping enterprise customers since 2006 by providing valuable telecom RFP and technology procurement insights and assistance. Let us help you walk through the technology procurement process. 

TPG offers competitive hourly rates for our clients. We prove and display our value during every customer engagement as we bring unique insights and guidance throughout the procurement process. In some instances, rather than an hourly rate, we offer a shared savings model.

Wireless expense reduction services are typically based on a risk-free shared savings model.

Please reach out to us using our Contact Us page so that we can discuss your specific needs.

  1. Cost savings (whether or not you’re staying with the current vendor)
  2. Great ideas with out of the box thinking
  3. Business objective development: current & future
  4. Provides a vehicle for business growth
  5. Comprehensive inventory building
  6. Data and voice usage analysis
  7. Help choosing the right technology
  8. Increased network reliability
  9. Pre and Post RFP vendor selection strategies
  10. RFP writing help
  11. Selection criterion assistance
  12. Increases vendor competition in the RFP process
  13. Contract negotiation
  14. Builds leverage
  15. Vendor ploy exposure and elimination
  16. Vendor scoring strategies
  17. Risk mitigation
  18. Contract volume level commitment strategies
  19. Implementation management assistance
  20. Billing verification
  21. Vendor “partnership building”
  22. Mid-term contract renegotiation strategies
  1. Submit your recent wireless bills to our team for a no-charge analysis.
  2. We evaluate, and determine the savings opportunities that can be achieved through your EXISTING CARRIER, EXISTING EQUIPMENT and without any change or impact to your existing wireless contracts.
  3. If you like what you see, we’ll proceed (after approval of our simple agreement)  
  4. We work with your existing carriers to implement any new pricing arrangements.
  5. Once the changes are in place, you get the savings on an ongoing basis after the first four months. The fee for the program is the first 4 months of savings (or 50% of the first eight months of savings).

Please email, call or fill out our contact form to schedule a quick 15-minute introduction to learn more about this program and to see if it could be a fit for your company.

Even greats like Tiger Woods have coaches to help them refine their swing and make improvements that will keep them at the next level or help them accelerate their growth. Yes, your team has done procurement well for years but have you considered how you might get some new perspectives?

  1. Short-term and long-term savings
  2. Cost control
  3. Productivity enhancements
  4. A single view of all expenses and inventory
  5. Spend deviation proactive alerts
  6. More time to focus on driving new revenue and internal innovation
  7. Streamlined expense operations
  8. Focus budgets on essential technologies
  9. Manual data entry elimination
  10. Strategic financial planning capabilities
  11. Infrastructure inventory development (and maintenance!)
  12. Elimination of orphaned subscriptions and technologies
  13. Overbilling analysis
  14. Usage management
  15. Refund tracking and recovery
  16. Enables late fee and interest avoidance with accelerated invoice processing
  17. Contract violation alerts
  18. No more manual processes
  19. Departmental cost allocations
  20. Carrier order tracking including MACD’s
  21. Contract negotiation aides
  22. Automation
  23. Software integration with other internal systems
  24. ROI tracking
  25. Cloud cost controls and hidden IT expenditure elimination

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